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The City of Pittsburgh has many parking locations conveniently located throughout the city. So whether you live in Pittsburgh, or are from out of town, residents and visitors can easily find and pay for parking using the Go Mobile PGH app.


How It Works

  • Look for the Go Mobile PGH sign.
  • Once registered, use the Go Mobile PGH app to enter in the zone number listed on the sign.
  • That’s it! And just to make life easier, you can opt-in to receive a notification 15 minutes before your parking session is set to expire.

How to Pay with the GO MOBILE PGH App


Once you’ve registered, enter in Zone# located on stickers & signs on the meters

Depending on your area, choose the duration you wish to park

Confirm your information, including Location, License Plate#, time, and cost

A ticker will show up counting down your time remaining, & in some locations, you may extend your session remotely

Option to receive expiration alerts 15 minutes prior to your parking expiring

What are the benefits?

  • Save "Favorite" and recently used zones
  • Optional 15 minute parking expiration notifications
  • Ability to view and print parking history
  • Add up to 5 license plate numbers and 5 users to your profile
  • Extend parking sessions on-the-go (until max time limit is reached)
  • Mastercard, Visa & Visa Checkout are accepted
  • Enter your license plate only once – no need to re-enter